be imperfect, be you




I have always believed in fairies, in the fact that if you find a crooked nail in a theatre it means you will return there and that if you read a “double” time on the clock the angels are talking to you. I believe there is a reason why Geppetto found a piece of wood and not a king, I know for a fact that a lavender plant in front of the house door brings good luck and I have no doubt that my grandparents make the best pici with sauce in the Val di Chiana. I know the power of a painting, the charm of a cat staring you in the eye and I never tire of being amazed by the fact that the stars we see have probably already been out for millions of years and that when we look at the night sky we are looking back in time. I have never really understood this “Time”: we want it to pass quickly, we want it never to pass, we close our eyes and hope it will pass, we chase it, we try to stop it, we hope to capture it in a photo, in a souvenir or in a laugh, but He is elusive. 

I have decided not to miss a single bit of it because there are still too many things I don’t know and want to know, like: how come my mum’s laundry smells better than mine? Does eating 7 walnuts a day really extend your life? Did the inhabitants of Atlantis pick up dog poo? There are too many things I would like to know: I am hungry for life, art, flavours, colours, music, moods, passions, eyes, light, details and above all miracles, many miracles. I have decided that I want to be the one to make them happen, I want to light the flame of the hot air balloon to lift myself off the ground and I have decided that everything is possible, even if it is not easy. It’s not easy! Just as well! At least this merry-go-round will not be boring: it will be exhausting, dangerous, painful, full of ups and downs, unexpected, unique, delicate and devastating, wonderful… it will be these and millions of other things, but it will be mine: my Miracle.

You don't have to shout to be heard. The stars are silent and some people watch for hours.

to B.